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Lady Gaga's 23 Million Dollar Mega-Mansion

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Getty Images/Unlimited Style

Lady Gaga has splashed $23 million on a Malibu mansion that is also home to a "batcave".

The house features an 800-bottle wine cellar, saltwater swimming pool, home theatre, five bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, gym, outdoor bocce and tennis courts and the "batcave".

Access to the batcave isn't through any secret entrance.  You simply walk in through one of the four lounge rooms.

The actual Batcave from the Batman movies (Warner Bros)

The so-called "batcave" is actually a full sized bowling alley and fun parlour.

For 23 million, Gaga also gets full ocean views, french doors, glass breezeways and exposed beams.

What a life, eh?!

Getty Images/Unlimited Style

Tags: Lady Gaga, Batcave, Bump, ShazamTop20

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