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Sheppard Find Out What Ellen Is Really Like Behind-The-Scenes

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Aussie band Sheppard are smashing it in the States at the moment and now they’ve made their next big career move with an appearance on Ellen.

Speaking to Labby, Stav & Abby, band member George told the guys how their performance of hit song Geronimo went on the popular show.

“We’ve probably played Geronimo now about 50,000 times… so yeah we could probably have done it with our eyes closed,” he said.

George even admitted that the band was caught by surprise when the doors suddenly opened while the band was setting up…

“Because we had in-ears in, we weren’t able to hear what [Ellen] was saying and then the doors just sort of opened and we were there on stage… It kinda took us by surprise but we managed to start the song properly.”

Speaking of the energy in the room when they’re filming, George says it was “incredible.”

“It’s pretty nice… it’s all pre-recorded but it’s all done in front of a live studio audience so there’s no re-takes… it feels live, it’s really incredible. [Ellen] definitely has an energy about her.”

Stav then asked the question we all want to know: "She’s the nicest girl in entertainment; behind the scenes she’s a real biatch, right?"

“No she’s lovely; she’s really, really lovely,” he said.

Before wrapping it up, Labby cheekily asked: “Did you steal me anything?”

“Um we got you some lollies I think,” George laughed.

Check out the full interview and their awesome performance below!

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