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The World Is Talking About Gwen Stefani's Face... Seriously

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Gwen Stefani is definitely the envy of women everywhere.

She is simply gorgeous at the age of 44, has a beautiful family and one of the most amazing voices in the musical world.

But it seems that there are people that wanna talk about Gwen Stefani's face.  More specifically while she was at the Emmys on Tuesday.

Many people, including media sites, took to social media to comment on the beauties apparent change in facial features.

In the image above, we've put side-by-side a pic from 2011 (left) and on the right one of the images taken at the Emmys.

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Above is another pic that was taken on Monday at the MTV VMAs, where the Scoopla team thought she looked fabulous in a bright pink and black outfit.

However, commentors on Twitter have also put forward their thoughts saying that she looks really different in the face.

Ok, so here's another pic below from the Emmys.

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Are we missing something?

Some gossip sites have even gone to such lengths as to put the Emmys pics of Stefani side-by-side with photos of the star back in 2001.

Well of course she's going to look different... aging isn't a new concept.

We're not buying it, and even if Gwen has had some work done, is it any of our business?

The fact of the matter is that she looks simply stunning, and jealousy is a curse.

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