Posted: 15 September, 2014 by Sohan Judge

Kanye West Is A True Perfectionist

Our review of his Yeezus Tour

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Even before Kanye West took to the Sydney stage on Friday night, the show had already started. Orchestral sounds crescendoed throughout the arena while the audience found their seats, a tease of the epic show that was about to take place.

Last time Kanye toured Australia, we saw over the top theatrics that included professional ballerinas. For Yeezus, the stage design was simplistic with nothing but a giant triangular prism placed in the middle. It didn't dampen the experience though - at times the light beaming off the prism was so blinding you had to squint, at other times it was flashing from one live camera shot to another super fast… it really created that chaotic, exciting vibe Kanye channels when performing.

He opened the show to a rendition of the Star Wars Imperial March on the electric guitar, which set the tone for the event. The overall feel was very Yeezus, but Kanye included a variety of his classic songs like Good Life and his all time claim to fame when he really made a mark in the limelight with Touch The Sky. The best of 808s and Heartbreaks got a spot with Heartless, a great journey back in time.

It was evident Kanye had been very particular about every aspect of the show. When the large screens didn't flicker the way he wanted, he stopped mid-song to tell the crew to make it "way better." When the crowd wasn't standing up and dancing, he stopped mid-song to get them on their feet. Kanye is a perfectionist through and through, even when it comes to fashion. Everyone loved the show and Kanye knew it too - he didn't even rap the entire first verse of New Slaves - he just stood there and smiled as the whole arena performed his song for him.

The Yeezus tour showed us Kanye has everything going for him - he's not just a rapper, he's a musician, a stage director, an artist, a producer and fashion expert. The show was an authentic Kanye brand experience.

Kanye West - Bound 2

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Tags: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Yeezus, Tour, Review, Show

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