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The Real Reason There Were No Special Guests At Taylor Swift’s Concert

No squad!?

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Taylor Swift dazzled Sydney on Saturday night but fans were left asking one question: why were there no special guests?

As even the most casual of Taylor fans knows, Taylor often brings her famous friends out on stage to perform with her. But in Sydney, she was riding solo.

While even just being in Taylor’s presence is enough for most of us to be pretty happy, some audience members were left disappointed by the lack of surprise appearances. 

But it turns out there was a good reason why there were no special guests.

The answer? The legends at Shazam Top 20 have worked it out. It seems that the show was being filmed for a tour DVD! And since this is Taylor’s tour, it would be strange for her to share the stage with anyone else on such a momentous occasion!

We really hope this is true, because a tour DVD filmed in Australia would be a dream. 

So this has left us wondering whether or not she’ll be joined by any famous faces at later shows – and luckily for you we’ve put together a guide of the most likely dates where this could happen, as well as who those stars could be.


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