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Shannon Noll Absolutely Slammed For “Cringeworthy” State Of Origin Performance

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State of Origin fans do not hold back when they don't like the pre-game entertainment... and last night's game was no exception!

Remember Shannon Noll? The guy who came second to Guy Sebastian on Australian Idol in 2003? 

He came out of nowhere to perform at State of Origin I on Wednesday... and it would seem not many people were happy about it!

Noll was joined by Ben Mingay, from Channel Ten's Wonderland, for an awkward state vs state sing-off as they belted out Rose Tattoo classic, We Can't Be Beaten

Well, it turns out the pair can be beaten, and they were, by angry footy fans on Twitter.

Afterwards, Cold Chisel greeted ANZ Stadium and announced they'll be performing at the NRL Grand Final... which was like fuel to the fire.

To quote Shannon's hit cover from back in the day, "What about me? It isn't fair!"

Was it really that bad? Watch the video below and let us know on our Facebook page.

Shannon Noll And Ben Mingay Perform At The State Of Origin

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Tags: Scoopla, Music, Shannon Noll, State Of Origin

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