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Will Rihanna’s New Album ANTI Drop On Friday?

She's given us our strongest hint yet!

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Rihanna has been teasing her eighth studio album ANTI for what feels like years.

Way back in November 2014 RiRi said her album would be coming soon. In November 2015 she released her ANTI tour dates. And yet there was still no sign of an album.

Until now.

Rihanna has dropped the seventh “room” of her ANTIdiaRy campaign with Samsung. The teaser video shows Rihanna entering a room filled with typists ringing up receipts, followed by a child handing her a crown – which RiRi places on top of her head.

The official press release for the video reads:

Yesterday Rihanna unlocked the 7th room of the ANTIdiaRy campaign with Samsung
This is the 7th of 8 rooms to be unlocked 
ANTI will be RIHANNA’S 8th Studio Album
This Friday is the 8th of January 
Stay tuned and please click below to see the latest clip…

Rihanna's ANTI diaRy: Room 7

It’s the strongest hint we’ve had yet that her album will drop on January 8th. For Australians, it remains to be seen whether that means we’re going by Australian time or US time, which would mean we might not get the album until Saturday.

Or Rihanna could just be teasing us once again! Maybe she'll just announce a release date for the album. Or drop a new music video. She's become so unpredictable in the past year that she really could do anything. 

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