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Katy Perry's FURIOUS Over Nude Photos

Tweets Savage Message to Australian Media

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As you may know, Katy Perry is currently in the country… but she’s NOT impressed with the Australian paparazzi.

She tweeted over the weekend, saying the paparazzi have “no respect, no integrity, not character, no humanity” because they tried to make a deal with her – if they get bikini pics, they’ll leave her alone.

The feud escalated when a paparazzo took pics of her topless on the beach. She warned media outlets "Remember... anyone printing unathorised photos of me... is against my will".

Katy then named and shamed the paparazzo’s by posting photos of THEM.

Katy is still managing to enjoy herself however… she climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge yesterday for the first time!


Katy's Tweets:

Katy Enjoying the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb:

I DID IT. Finally, after all these years talkin bout it I done climbed your bridge tonight Sydney! Thanks @bridgeclimb

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