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REVEALED: What REALLY Happened With Katy Perry And the NUDE Photographer!

Betty Who Reveals All!

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There's a LOT of chatter about the alleged altercation between Katy Perry and the Australian papperazi. But Betty Who, Katy's support act has revealed the truth. 


The up-and-coming Aussie born musician spoke to Shazam Top 20 about her experiences on Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour - including the horrifying details of the media who have been harassing Katy Perry. 

 "You know what's crazy is there was guy on the paparazzi’s boat who was nude?! They were actually playing the part of being at a nude beach so no one would spot them. So this guy was naked on the boat and I remember Katy saying: There's a paparazzo on that boat.

"It was actually the craziest thing. It was honestly the first time I've experienced anything like that. Just being around it... I was like: This is presidential security level stuff." 

Katy has been famously vocal about her experiences with the Australian media who, she says, are stalking her. 


Watch Betty Who talk about her experiences with the paparazzi here: 


Tags: Katy Perry, Betty Who, ShazamTop20

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