Posted: 17 December, 2014 by Web Guy Dean

Has Britney Spears Had Work?

Brit is almost unrecognizable in Women’s Health mag

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Britney Spears looks flawless on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine, but what’s her secret to the sexiness?

She’s the first to say, you want a hot body - you better work b**ch! But has Britney Spears gone a little too literal on the “work”? We can’t help but notice that Brit looks particularly chiseled in her latest shoot, which begs the question – has she gone under the knife or is it just a toxic rumor? 

Scoopla spoke exclusively to top Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon, Dr Jason Emer, to dish the dirt on her defined new look.

“Britney’s nose looks straighter than normal. She’s potentially had nose scraping to create that. She’s also clearly had some filler in her lips and cheeks”.


Dr Jason also comments on her sexy silhouette. 

“She’s more than likely undergoing velashape treatments, which use radio frequency to tighten the skin. That’s why she looks so tight and defined”

Whatever she’s doing – it’s working! We think Brit looks fit, fresh and fabulous!

Images: Women's Health Magazine

Tags: Britney Spears, Shazam Top 20, Plastic Surgery

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