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Liam Payne Splits From His Girlfriend After Being Hospitalised

I don't know if I am happy or sad?

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It’s believed that Liam Payne and girlfriend of two-years,  Sophia Smith have ended their relationship.

 If this is true, it now means that all band members from One Direction are single!


I hope you’re okay Liam, but YASSS!

A source close to Liam revealed,  “Liam is incredibly sad, but is going to keep busy. He really hopes that everybody will respect both his and Sophia’s privacy and stop speculating.”

Liam’s recent tweets have suggested that he is going through a tough time.

We are here for you Liam.

This comes after One Direction cancelled one of their shows last week because Liam was in hospital.

Louis Tomlinson also ended his relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Eleanor Calder earlier this year.

Even though Louis is about to become a dad, but he isn’t in a relationship with the mother Briana Jungwirth.

It’s rumoured that Harry Styles is seeing a model called Georgia Fowl… but nothing is confirmed

Niall Horan ended his relationship with Melissa Whitelaw back in June.

You’re welcome ladies...

But, once again, Liam we are here for you.

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Tags: Liam Payne, One Direction, One Direction, Music, Trending, Stars

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