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Rita Ora Is Suing Jay-Z And It Might Be Rihanna’s Fault

It's a music catfight!

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Rita Ora has filed a lawsuit against Jay-Z’s Roc Nation record label, and it might be because of a long-running feud with Rihanna!

Rita is suing Roc Nation for failing to release her second album, and sources say it’s all Rihanna’s fault. The pair have reportedly been engaged in a feud for years, and now Rita wants out of the record label that made them both stars.

Rita feels she was treated as a second class citizen at Roc Nation because Rihanna was always offered potential hit tracks first. Rita was given her leftovers, and was never able to release a follow-up to her 2012 debut album.

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"Rihanna has never liked Rita and has been using her power at Roc Nation accordingly. This is the main reason the label's execs have been uninterested in putting effort into promoting Rita. Songs that might be submitted to her are automatically given to Rihanna, who may then hold them for months before deciding she doesn't want them,” a source told The Sun.

Another problem? Her ex boyfriend is also on the same label, and he’s a much bigger earner than her. 

"The fact that Rita's ex Calvin Harris is on their management books hasn't helped either. He is one of their highest earners and they did nothing to stop him when he blocked Rita from using songs that he had written on her album."

Rita filed her lawsuit last week in an effort to be released from her recording contract.

“When Rita signed, Roc Nation and its senior executives were very involved with her as an artist. As Roc Nation's interests diversified, there were fewer resources available and the company suffered a revolving door of executives. Rita's remaining supporters at the label left or moved on to other activities, to the point where she no longer had a relationship with anyone at the company," the lawsuit said.

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Rita describes her relationship with Roc Nation as ''irrevocably damaged''.

We’re sure their respective lawyers will get this all sorted out… but we have a feeling this means there won’t be a Roc Nation Christmas party this year! 

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