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Sam Wood And Snezana Markoski Announce Engagement!

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It feels like forever, but the loved-up couple has finally announced their engagement! 

It really hasn't been that long at all, however, it feels like since we've all been closely following their lives since the finale of The Bachelor this year... waiting for this moment. 

Bachelor Sam Wood has taken to his Instagram account to announce his engagement to girlfriend Snezana Markoski.

"She said YES! When you know, you know. I love you Snezana," he captioned his Insta post. 

A photo posted by Sam Wood (@samjameswood) on

We've done our detective work and we're guessing that the Romeo proposed in Tasmania where he grew up, due to the scenic background... and his use of the hashtag #tasmaniaengagement. 

Snezana has also uploaded the same photo with the caption, "Happiest Girl in the World." 

The announcement obviously sent friends and fans into overdrive who were overly stoked for the newly engaged couple. 

Now we just have to wait for the baby announcement! Shouldn't be too long as they've both spoken about wanting children "soon". 

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