Posted: 9 February, 2015 by Justin Hill

The Real Reason Michael Jackson Had Plastic Surgery

New Rumours Surface

It's been a topic of discussion throughout Michael Jackson's epic career and continues to be after his death.

Now the real reason MJ had so much plastic surgery has been revealed...

Rumour is a book is being put together by Michael's long time business partner Mark Lamica using videos and audio recordings from his late Manager Frank DeLio where he details the reason.

Apparently Michael couldn't bare to look in the mirror and see his father, in his own face.

Michael always claimed his father abused him as a child and according to Page Six told  DeLio 'I gotta cut him away, I’ve got to remove him. I still see Joseph when I look in the mirror, I have got to cut him away'

Rumour is, this isn't the only bombshell to come out of the book - apparently it's going to name and shame all of those people that ripped Michael off and it has a lot of big names in the music industry worried...

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