Posted: 21 August, 2015 by Carly Heading

Beyoncé Has Been Hiding A Secret For Over A Year…And We Only Just Realised

How didn't we notice this?

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Beyoncé is featured on the cover of Vogue's September issue.

Normally when an artist is on the cover, an interview goes with it, but not Beyoncé.

 I guess when you are ‘THE BEYONCE’ you can do what you want, but this seems a little strange.

Apparently she would rather be seen and not heard.

According to a source, Beyoncé hasn’t answered a single direct question in over a year.

When preparing for the Vogue piece, the writer had no contact with her or her team.

Queen Bey didn’t answer a single question, she just showed up to the photo shoot.

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We can't believe it took us this long to notice… no wonder she's always showing up late for red carpets.

Many people are saying it’s to protect her brand, or maybe she is just over it?

Back in May an exclusive was released by the New York Times on Beyoncé and Jay Z's vegan diets, but it has now been revealed that only received information via email probably from her team.

Around the time Bey stopped talking, was also around the same time of the whole elevator incident… hmmmm.

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