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Sam Frost Regrets Stripping Down

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Bachelorette Sam Frost opens up about her decision to dress down, in an exclusive interview. 

This morning Sam spoke with Paul & Woody from SeaFM Hobart, and what started as an innocent conversation about her broken down Hyundai Getz quickly turned to a chat about the topless shoot Sam did following her season of The Bachelor. 

The soon to be star of The Bachelorette admitted that she hasn't had the courage to open the magazine that contains the photos. It's still sitting in the back of her car, in the plastic sleeve it comes in. 

When asked if she regretted doing the shoot her response was, 

"Yeah I did actually, I wasn't in a good head space at that time... In hindsight I wish I didn't do it.

"It's one of my regrets that you live and learn and I certainly will be thinking about things more wisely." 

We all think Sam looks fantastic and confident in the shoot and shouldn't be afraid of looking at the photos! 


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