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Fifi Reveals The Secrets To Her Incredible Weightloss!

Radio star shows off 15kg weightloss

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Peter Brew-Bevan for WHO Magazine

Fox FM host Fifi Box shows off a stunning body transformation on the cover of this week’s Who magazine.

The svelte radio and television star revealed to Who she'd lost 15 kilograms since giving birth to her daughter, Trixie, 21 months ago.

Showing off her new body in a range of outfits, Fifi reveals she’s slimmer and fitter than she’s ever been and is enjoying the confidence boost her new figure gives her.

“I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt. It’s given me a spring in my step and also, what I really wanted out of all of this, the energy to be a fit and healthy mum and to have that energy for Trixie,” she said. 

She credits the New Atkins programme to her transformation as well as a simple at home workout regime.

Fifi admits she hasn’t sacrificed flavour and fun for her new body. Her fresh and flavourful meal plan, which is provided in the magazine, includes dishes such as baked eggs with spinach, quinoa salads and an incredible sounding goat cheese and chicken salads. She even indulges in the occasional sorbet and low-carb chocolate bar! Yum!

Fifi and Trixie have recently returned from an incredible family holiday in LA and New York - where Fifi didn't pass up on the opportunity to make the most of her new found fitness. 

The best motivation I've found for running is -16 degrees. It's also the only way to get a photo in Central Park on your own (but it's too cold to stop and smile for the camera) That's a wrap. Amazing holiday baby ❤️

Tags: Fifi Box, Diet, Weightloss

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