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The Secrets Behind Kendall And Kylie Jenner’s Flawless Skin Have Been Revealed

Their beauty routine has been uncovered and it's so easy to replicate!

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner have absolutely perfect skin. And now their beauty secrets have been revealed by their very own dermatologist!

It turns out that their skincare routines are actually pretty simple and SO easy to replicate at home.

Dermatologist to the stars Christie Kidd reveals all in a new video posted on Kylie’s website and app. Christie explains how to properly layer your products, but heavily emphasises that “less is more” – you can ditch half the products you have in your drawers.

“Let’s keep it simple so your skin is clean and glowing,” Christie advises. 

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The idea is to start with the lightest or thinnest products to allow them to absorb into your skin, and then layer your heavier products on top. So in the evening after removing your makeup and washing your face you should apply a light serum, then moisturiser, followed by an eye cream and lip balm. 

Her biggest tip? Avoid tinted moisturiser. “Tinted moisturisers are designed to absorb deep into the layers of your skin to hydrate your skin and protect it. But it’s bringing all that pigment with it. And that is going to break you out.”


She also had some good tips for those of us who suffer from acne. If you are using a treatment that includes benzoyl peroxide (like Benzac), be sure not to layer it with other products that contain acids. This can actually make your skin worse!

While Christie didn’t provide any product recommendations, this beauty regimen can be replicated with the products you already have in your bathroom cupboard. Christie’s clients do have access to a special skincare range she has created which will be launched to the public in the near future.

This is the skincare routine that Christie recommends to all her clients, including Kylie and Kendall:


1. Cleanse: “Wash your face, cleanse it well, pat dry"
2. Apply Sunscreen: Please don't skip this!
3. Moisturise: “Use a nice light moisturiser”
4. Apply Your Makeup: See what Kylie uses here



1. Remove Your Makeup: Although Christie doesn’t go into this in detail, this should be a separate step from your cleanser
2. Cleanse: “Wash your face well, rinse well, pat dry”
3. Serum: “It’s a good idea to remember to apply the thinner product first”
4. Moisturiser: “And then go ahead and apply your thicker moisturiser”
5. Eye Cream: “Followed by your eye cream around your eye”
6. Lip Balm: “So your lips don’t dry out while you’re sleeping”


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