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There’s More To This Photo Than You Think

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A young man has recreated Adam Levine’s iconic (and racy!) nude photo... but there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

27-year-old Aydian Dowling is a transgender man.

The YouTube star is breaking the stigma of female-to-male transition with an appearance in the April 2015 issue of FTM, a transgender-focused magazine, striking a similar pose to the Maroon 5 frontman.

The magazine’s publisher, Robert Ballard, came up with the idea to remake Levine’s iconic 2011 snap, which featured in Cosmopolitan to raise awareness of testicular cancer, because he thought their bodies look similar.

The tag-line that comes with Dowling’s recreation is: “Some areas of my body used to remind me of everything I’m not, now they represent everything I am.”

The advocate for transgender issues documented his four-year transition from female-to-male in a series of YouTube videos and recently shared his reaction to the inspiring photo going viral.

The Photo That Went Viral!

“We by no means mean to say that this is what all transgender males look like, but this is what one of us looks like and it’s no different from our cisgender counterparts,” Ballard told The Huffington Post.

“We’ve had comments saying ‘he doesn’t look trans’ which brings up a great point on what does trans even look like?”


The two week iconic Mardi Gras Festival has already kicked off, finishing up with the 37th annual street parade and after-party on Saturday 7th March.

Guests include Jessica Mauboy, Samantha Jade, Dannii Minogue and Nick Jonas.

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