Posted: 30 November, 2014 by Rhiannon

Finally. Coffee in Space!

Space travel finally made bearable by lattés

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The lucky coffee drinkers (Getty).

Houston, we have a macchiato.

Two years after an Italian astronaut complained that he couldn't get a hot coffee aboard the International Space Station, one of his comrades has returned with the first zero-gravity espresso machine.

Unlike on earth, where espresso machines use gravity to pull piping hot water through ground coffee, there is no up or down in space. The coffee would form into those little balls from Gravity and drift through the air, burning astronauts and damaging equipment.

The ISSpresso – a joint venture of Lavazza Coffee, aerospace firm Argotec and the Italian Space Agency – shoots the water through a tube with exactly the right pressure to qualify as real Italian espresso. So, what does an interstellar coffee machine look like?


Youtube/Lavazza (Supplied)

The Italians are now ready to colonise the universe - in style.

Tags: ISS, ISSpresso, Lavazza, Coffee in space

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