Posted: 30 September, 2014 by Blake

Awesome Woman Sent Gross Tinder Messages To Offender’s Mum

#Mumshaming is the new digital dobing!

If you're single, chances are you have dabbled in the weird and wonderful world of Tinder, a smart phone dating app which strangely gives some young men the impression that "How big are ya t*ts" and "Do you like it rough?" are genuine conversation starters. 

A brilliant lady "Lori" who had enough of the sleazy population on Tinder, took a screenshot of a gross message she received and sent it to the offender's Mother! Brilliance...

“His mom hasn’t responded yet,” Lori told Buzzfeed. “I think I might re-send it to her.” Here’s to hoping that #momshaming becomes a “thing”, because guys, get your shit together and don’t be an embarrassment to your poor mother.

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