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How To Take The Best Photos For Your Instagram EVER!

Come at me Insta fame!

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Okay, Insta famous wannabees... we have eight hacks to make your VSCO Cam edited photos look better than ever before! 

So first things first, if you don't already have the VSCO Cam app, download it now! 

For those of you who know what's up and already have the app, we're about to teach you how to use all the amazing filter options to their full potential!

... Well, actually we're going to give you the greatest shortcut known to man so that you don't have to learn all the nitty-gritty rules about saturation, contrast, bla bla bla... and can just cut straight to having totally awesome photos! 

1. If you're a noob foodie (like myself) and are looking to take some great photos of your food, then this is the hack for you. It sets a brownish, earthy tone, making your food look 500 times tastier, fresher and a lot healthier! 


2. This one is for landscapes and scenic photography! Adds a bit of extra life to the image. 


3. This one is for the lucky bunch of you who go out to bright, sunny, tropical places! THIS is the hack for summer!


4. If you love taking photos of your city-chic fashion choices, or certain interior designs, then you're gonna love this one. 


5. This one works amazing with white! This hack is a #winterwonderland's best friend! 


6. If you have black in your image and really want that to be the statement, this hack is great for a bold image! 


7. YAY FOR FUN AND SUNNY PHOTOS! This filter with capture all the colour and vibrance! 


8. Lucky last... #selfies! Especially for those of you who like to look all mysterious and alluring! 


Obviously these aren't rules you have to abide by, but at least now you have a great starting point for you to have a play around with! 

Hope you enjoyed this guide and good luck with all your future 'gramming! 

Do you guys know any filter hacks? Let us know on our Facebook page! 

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