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Big Brother Bombshell: Is Lawson’s Girlfriend About To Enter The House?!

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Things are about to get crazy in the Big Brother house… that’s if rumours that Lawson’s girlfriend is set to make a surprise appearance are true!

If you watched Big Brother last night, you would know that Cat and Lawson are definitely on.

After trying to “avoid each other”, a house party ended with Lawson’s shocking admission that he would choose Cat over real-world long-term girlfriend Candice.

Moments later, the loved-up pair found themselves alone in the bedroom, where they shocked housemates with their full-on pash session.

“You don’t have to face anything that happens to you on the outside alone,” Cat said reassuringly, while still passionately kissing Lawson. “We can face it together.”

Meanwhile, 2012 ex-housemate Ryan Buckingham is saying that Lawson’s girlfriend Candice is about to enter the Big Brother house!

The Behind Big Brother website discovered on his Facebook account (which is set to private), Ryan wrote “Can’t wait to see Candice walk inside BBAU house this week. INSIDE WORD.”

A rep for the show has exclusively told Jules, Merrick and Sophie that there is no truth to the rumours… but it certainly seems like a sure-fire way to spice things up a bit in the house so we'll see...

Lawson and Candice have been together for five years but after last night’s cringeworthy events, we’re not so sure their relationship is going to last.

Candice has been silent so far but after recently joining Twitter, it sounds like she just wants to be left alone.

The couple supposedly broke up and then got back together days before Lawson entered the Big Brother house, so it sounds like the relationship was already a bit rocky.

But does that make what Lawson did ok? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page.


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