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Game of Thrones Cast Set To Receive Raises, Sign On For Season 7


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The main actors of Game of Thrones are reportedly set to receive raises… and some have signed on for season 7!

But here’s the thing… season 7 is actually set AFTER the last-published books… meaning it reveals spoilers about the fate of some of the characters!

We won’t tell you exactly what it is… but let’s just say it’s a spoiler that even the book-readers won’t know!

BUT since the cast are currently earning $150K per episode… we can’t imagine how rich they’ll be after the raise! 


At the end of Martin's last-published book in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, "A Dance With Dragons," Jon Snow gets stabbed multiple times, leaving readers with a cliffhanger about whether he will live or die in the next books (or become resurrected).

If Season 7 is the final season of the series, it would cover material from forthcoming books, "The Winds of Winter" and "A Dream of Spring."

Therefore, Harrington signing on for a potential appearance in Season 7 alludes to the character's fate that not even book readers know. To no surprise, it as already caught some Reddit users' attention. 

Tags: Game Of Thrones, GoT

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