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SPOILER ALERT: Shocking News About Tonight’s Bachelor Finale

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Channel 10

Tonight is the finale of Channel 10’s The Bachelor but we’ve just heard some news which might mean something isn’t quite right…



Dan & Maz received a call during their show from an 'insider' named Andrea. She had information that Blake has knocked up the girl he didn't choose! (No Spoilers)



We are unsure if Andrea is actually an insider or has any idea, but its a juicy theory. In an EXCLUSIVE Dan & Maz then called Sam's (one of the final Bachelorettes) brother to see if he knew why Channel 10 has pulled all interviews. (No Spoilers)



Entertainment website Show and Tell is reporting that all media have been banned from interviewing Bachelor Blake Garvey, the winner and all eliminated bachelorettes.

The media ban is very strange considering the network should want to capitalise on hype of the show before the excitement dies down.

"BREAKING BACHELOR NEWS: All media have just been told that all interviews with Bachelor Blake and the winner of tonight's show have been cancelled. This is VERY rare for a show such as The Bachelor," Show and Tell writes.

"Tonight's eliminated bachelorette is also unavailable for any media interviews - as are all previously eliminated Bachelor contestants. This never happens in the media world!"

You may already know that Blake will be proposing to the final girl in tonight’s finale, but we’ve heard whispers that the chosen bachelorette says no! So, could this be the reason behind the media ban?

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Tags: Scoopla, TV, The Bachelor, Blake Garvey, Channel 10

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