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The OTHER Bachelor's Relationship Is On The Rocks

Reports Anna's Partying Is Getting Too Much!

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Uh oh!  Bachelor Tim and his reality TV love-match Anna are reportedly on the rocks!

While Australia has been caught up in wonder at Bachelor Blake’s train wreck we totally forgot about our other favourite Bachelor’s love life!


TheFIX reports Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich are struggling to deal with Anna’s partygirl habits.

The article reads:

Just last week, our spies watched on as Anna drank from a beer funnel, encouraged by a rowdy Redfoo at WHO’s Sexiest People Party. Where was Tim? Looking horrified from the corner of the room.

The site also claims to have spoken to an exclusive source about the couple - who believe Anna's partying is harming their relationship.

“Tim’s definitely moved on from that stage of his life, which is why he’s worried about his relationship with Anna," the source claims. 

“He thought that by moving in together, their relationship could get a little more serious. But that’s definitely not the case.”

Apparently he has decided he won’t propose until Anna “sorts out her priorities”.

“Tim trusts Anna and knows she would never cheat. But he is worried that they might be at two totally different stages of their lives.”

We've got our fingers-crossed they'll work through it! 

Tags: The Bachelor, Tim Robards, Anna Heinrich

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