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Today Show Host’s Friend Murdered

Sylvia Jeffreys Opens Up About Tragic Event

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The Today show’s Sylvia Jeffreys broke down this morning as she recounted the story of her friend who was brutally murdered by a violent partner.

The 28-year-old newsreader opened up about Brisbane local Rachelle Yeo’s murder as part of a discussion on White Ribbon Day and had to be comforted by guest Candice Falzon.

“I knew Rachelle, I met her a couple of times through mutual friends in Brisbane and she was a beautiful, beautiful soul and a beautiful spirit,” Jeffreys said.

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“Her life was taken away by a former partner of hers… She had to leave home in Queensland to move to Sydney to get away from him, he tracked her down and stabbed her to death in her apartment in Sydney.” 

“She is a wonderful person who never would have thought that would happen to her, that that kind of evil would be in her life, it can affect anyone,” she finished as she wiped away tears.

Sylvia Jeffreys in tears talking about violence against women

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Rachelle was murdered by her ex lover Paul Mulvihill at her home in North Curl Curl in July 2012 and earlier this year he was sentenced to 22 years in jail.

One woman every week is killed by an act of domestic violence and White Ribbon Day hopes to raise awareness to stop violence against women.

You can make a pledge and donate to the cause at


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Tags: Scoopla, TV, Today Show, Sylvia Jeffreys, White Ribbon Day

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