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Did You Catch These Dirty Moments On Play School?

There's a bear in there, and a chair as well!

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Almost every Australian child grows up watching Play School.

And while the show is pretty politically correct these days, back in the late 80s and early 90s the presenters managed to sneak in a lot of naughty jokes that only the parents watching would have noticed.

But the things left on the cutting room floor are even funnier! 

Noni (Hazlehurst) taught me everything I know, let’s put it that way,” long-time presenter Simon Burke told on the red carpet at the AACTA awards. 

“We sang a song once that went:

When the kangaroo bumps with a bumpety bump
He’ll never walk when he can jump
And people laugh at him in the street
Goodness gracious what big feet!

“And as the camera was pulling out, Noni said, ‘Well you know what they say about big feet, Simon’.”

We’ve found that song, but sadly the big feet comment did not make the final episode.

Play School - Noni and Simon - Outback Thursday - FULL EPISODE

And Noni has her own stories about working with John Hamblin, Play School’s ultimate comedian.  

“Of course it happens,” Noni told last year. 

“Bearing in mind you had fairly stretched parents watching at home as well who were using the opportunity to sit down and have their child engaged by someone other than them for half an hour, there was occasionally a little double entendre but never at the expense of the child’s enjoyment.

“I remember once John Hamblin and I in the closing moments, after we had said goodbye, we were stirring pots which we pretended were filled with soup but they were actually filled with weird ingredients like a door snake which we pretended was a sausage in the soup.

“And John, in that throwaway moment after we’d said goodbye, said, ‘Would you like some of my sausage in your soup?’ And I said, ‘You keep your sausage to yourself, thank you very much’.”

Luckily there are a lot of classic Play School moments on YouTube, and you’d be surprised what you pick up on when watching it as an adult. Naturally they all involved John Hamblin. You might not have picked up on them as children, but suddenly everything John has to say is pretty salacious!

Scroll to 3:15 to see John’s reaction to a kettle hitting his…errr.. nether regions. 

Play School - Benita and John - nursery rhyme book  

In this story a female saucepan gets a good “whisking” and “mashing”

Playschool - John Hamblin and the saucepan with no lid

At 17:21 John attempts to throw Monica into a pond… and it’s not clear whether it is scripted or if Monica is just playing along.

Play School - Colin, Monica and John - Royal Botanical Gardens FULL EPISODE

John and Monica pretend to ride at horse at 4:30, John wakes up princess Monica with a kiss at 13:49 and finally Monica’s shower scene at 25:20… followed by John giving a very knowing look to the camera after he brings her a towel.

Play School - Don, Monica and John - at the beach - FULL EPISODE  

John gives another very happy look to the camera at 8:06 when he finds out he will be getting into the same costume as Benita.

Play School - Benita and John - rocking horses and dolls

In this baby themed episode John says his baby (Big Ted) is hairy “just like his mother” and then notes that the mother “moved into a cave”.

Play School 1992 with John, Noni and Pauline (HQ)

Trisha splashes John in the eye at 3:30 and he tells her he “won’t play in the bath with her again”.

Play School - Trish and John - dirty squirty part I

And in case you have any doubts about whether John’s behaviour was deliberate, he wrote a book about Play School called Open Wide, Come Inside.

Saucy Play School Presenter

Have you found any hilarious Play School moments? Let us know in the comments!

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