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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The Cast Of ‘Malcolm In The Middle’

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It was one of the biggest TV shows of the early 2000's, running for six seasons.

Malcolm In The Middle centered around the disfunctional family of six (which would later turn into 7) with Frankie Muniz playing the role of Malcolm, the normal boy with a genius I.Q.

There was also his overbearing and stubborn mother Lois, caring father Hal, oldest brother Francis, second oldest Reece and younger brother Dewey.  Malcolm is the middle child, of course.

All this got us thinking about what the cast of the show look like today, and when we got to searching around for the youngest family member of the original season, Dewey, nothing has changed.



Erik Per Sullivan who played Dewey when he was only eight-years-old is now 23.

After he finished up on the TV series, Sullivan was the voice of Sheldon in Finding Nemo, and also had a role in the movie 'Twelve'.  Since then, he has fallen off the Hollywood radar.


Back then he was 14 when he started the role as Malcolm in the hit sitcom.

But after the show ended, Frankie Muniz (who is now 29) persued other interests including racecar driving, producing and music.  He's currently a drummer in the indie rock band Kingsfoil.


Justin Berfield, who played the second oldest son Reece, is now 28 years old.

After the show ended in 2006, he moved into producing reality TV shows and movies, as well as a feature film called 'Departure Date'.


Oldest son Francis was played by Christopher Masterson when he was only 19-years-old.

Now 35, Masterson starred in a couple of independent projects including a sex comedy called 'Made For Each Other', the drama 'Chapman' and thriller 'Impulse'.


Bryan Cranston played the dad in 'Malcolm In The Middle', however has an extensive resumé of other TV shows such as 'Murder, She Wrote', '3rd Rock From The Sun' and 'Seinfeld'.

Since the show ended up, he wowed audiences with his role in 'Breaking Bad'.  He also voiced for 'Madagascar 3' and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture for 'Argo'.


Jane Kaczmarek was Lois in the hit sitcom, and had been working in TV since the late 80's - including roles in the 90's on shows like 'Felicity' and 'Party Of Five'.

Kaczmarek is now the voice of Judge Constance Harm in 'The Simpsons', and also played roles in 'Raising The Bar' and 'Law & Order: SVU'.  She also had a role on 'Breaking Bad'.

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