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Aussie News Presenter's Willy-Shaped Collar Causes Social Media Meltdown!

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Natarsha Belling was left a little red-faced after the 'naughty' jacket she was wearing while presenting the news went viral around the world!

The veteran reporter was on-air for Network Ten's Eyewitness News over the weekend and it didn't take long for social media to pick up on her ballsy outfit... so to speak.

Tarsh was wearing a stunning emerald jacket over a black top but here's the embarrassing part... her neckline looked like a giant wiener!

And to top it off, her zipper resembles, well... you can use your imagine.


It turns out, Tarsh isn't the first newsreader to wear the phallic jacket... the folk over at TV Tonight have found its previous appearances on TV:

Card Card Card


According to the UK's Metro, a Facebook user first picked up on the hilarious faux pas and it took off from there, making headlines everywhere from E! News and MTV to Mirror and Daily Mail.

Many on social media have pointed out, "Once you see it, you cannot unsee it"... and we have to agree!

Belling is yet to comment on the awkward news gaffe, but we're sure she can see the funny side in it.

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