Posted: 19 March, 2015 by Christian Hull

THE FART: On A First Date, On TV!

Poppy is now the TV show's favourite bachelorette!!

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She farted while on her first date on ‘The Bachelor’. Poppy has now become the show favourite.

We all do it! It’s a natural part of life. The body has a build up of gas and we expel it. However we usually do it in private or if you’re a male you do it when ever you feel like it and then laugh hysterically.

Meet Poppy, she is a 24 year old contestant on New Zealand’s ‘The Bachelor’. She was on her first date with Arthur, a 26 year old bloke, who runs a pale diet company.

It was a beautiful beach date, and as Poppy lowered herself onto the picnic rug she slipped and lost all bowl control and farted. Arthur chimes in: “Did you just fart?”


Poppy clearly a little embarrassed replies “I slipped in the sand”

“Squeaky sand,hey?” Arthur remarks

“It is always a matter of time before someone farts in front of someone else isn’t it?” He says.

“Usually not on the first date” Poppy admitted

When it came time to hand out the roses, we were all hoping Poppy was chosen. Arthur did end up giving her a rose saying:  “I love the way she owned up to it — it was hilarious!”

The Bachelor NZ S01E02 One on one date, girl farts

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