About Mandy

Full name: Daniel "Mandy" Cassin

Age: People say I look 27, is that still believable?!

Job:Morning Announcer

Favourite Food: Can’t beat a giant overlapping plate of chicken schnitzel, chips and salad at the pub.

Ideal Weekend: Waking up to the sound of the waves at my beach house. Still have to buy that beach house but I can dream.

Pet Hate: People that open their mouth when eating, Yuk!

Hobbies: Anything adventurous and outdoors.

More About Me...

I grew up on the central coast and I've loved radio since I was a wee child, radio is pretty much all I have done in my career, except for working in a service station (miss making myself hamburgers and wedges) and I worked in a post office.

Travelled overseas for 15 months in 2007, lived and worked in London like pretty much all Australians do! Memorable moments have to be...getting blown away in a sand storm in Morocco, getting lost in a pyramid in Egypt (you think they would've had emergency exits back in those days) and breaking down when I was driving a truck on a busy road in London (then having to attempt to push it across 5 lanes of angry traffic). 

13 10 60 call me for a chat, request a song or win something!

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