About Ellie

Full name: Ellie Angel

Job: Afternoon announcer & station socialite.

Favourite Food: Chocolate. Ferrero Rochers & white Lindt balls if you are thinking of sending some.

Ideal Weekend: A sleep in then staying in my pj’s watching Twilight perving on Edward Cullen. Later in the arvo heading out with friends to one of Sydney’s fine watering holes, Lowenbrau Beer Cafe in the Rocks one of my favs! Good food, great steins!

Pet Hate: People who can’t drive and magicians. I am scared of them...

Hobbies: Playing guitar, playing Singstar and hitting up the gym! I’m becoming a personal trainer, one of my new years resolutions! Drop and give me 20.

My Perfect World: Chocolate would be fat free, all men would look like Doctor McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy and Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” would be my anthem.

More About Me...

Born June 8, my star sign is Gemini. They say we are intelligent and good communicators. Maybe that’s how I landed in a radio studio? Still trying to figure out what you use the ‘intellegence’ part for.

I am Canberran born and bred, it’s a lovely place but politics just doesn’t do it for me. So radio sent me packing around this big brown land! I’ve sipped latte’s in Melbourne, carved up the slopes of Jindabyne and the Snowies, sipped fine wine in Perth and now I’m here, Sydney. I love this place.

The city, the beaches, the shopping, the food, the pubs, the people. Working at 2Day FM is my dream job. I get to play my favourite music, give away free stuff, see some of the Worlds biggest stars, chat to you and sometimes stroll on in wearing my PJ’s.

You can hear me every day.  I love to chat, so give me a call on 13 10 60.

Love and hugs, Ellie xx

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