Posted: 7 October, 2016

Bill Shorten On Why He Wants To Block The Plebiscite

"Let's just do it, marriage equality!"

MP Bill Shorten popped by the Rove and Sam studio this morning to discuss why he is wanting Labour to block the plebiscite next week.

"I don't see why people in same sex relationships should have to go and get the approval of 15 million people to have that relationship!" Bill Shorten explained to Sam Frost.

The Turnball government are pushing for a plebiscite, which will cost the Australian Tax Payers $200M, which may result in same sex marriage not being passed in Parliament.

"Let's just do it, marriage equality!" Bill Shorten stated. "Just vote on it in Parliament!"

Mr Shorten went on to explain Malcolm Turnball's thinking in the plebiscite being the only way to decide on whether or not same sex marriage should be made legal in Australia. "Well, there is another way actually, just have a vote in Parliament!"

"Why should gay and lesbian people have to ask millions of people if it's ok to marry someone? That's why this plebiscite is just ridiculous." Bill Shorten continued.

Hear what else he had to say in the full video.

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