Posted: 15 September, 2016

Rove & Sam's Exclusive Chat With Captain Sully

"We had 208 seconds between hitting the birds, to the impact with the earth."

Captain Sully is a modern day hero, who managed to save the lives of all passengers on board his aircraft by successfully carrying out an emergency landing into New York's Hudson River.

With the film released earlier this month, Rove and Sam wanted to talk to the man himself about his experience.

"We had 208 seconds from the time our aircraft hit the birds, before we would impact the earth." Captain Sully explained to Rove and Sam. "I simply had to decide where that was going to occur, there was only one place we could reach within that gliding distance. It wasn't a runway, but we made a river our runway."

On January 15, 2009 the entire world watched as a commercial aircraft floated down the Hudson River, with passengers clambering on the wings for safety. Captain Sully had made the decision to land the plane in the river after losing both engines following a collision with a flock of geese, saving all 155 lives on board.

"This pilot is the reason my daughter has a dad and that my wife still has a husband" a passenger told news crews following their rescue. 

"After sharing such a traumatic experience together, we have become bonded." Captain Sully said of the passengers on board, "I said at the time and I have said since, I think we will be joined in our minds and in our hearts because of what went on that day."

Tom Hanks stars as Captain Sully in the film. "It's like giving someone the keys to your life and watching them drive off with it!" Captain Sully told Rove and Sam, "It's a leap of faith, but it's in great hands."


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