Posted: 21 October, 2016

Sam Frost Takes On Etiquette Class

After Rove recently pointed out the Sam Frost swears too much, he decided to enrol her in etiquette classes. So Sam met with etiquette and manners expert Anna Musson for a few pointers.

Sam took on a few of Anna's etiquette basics, such as introducing herself, entering a room, sitting in a chair and walking down the stairs.

"There are three distinct things when sitting." Anna Musson began. "Feel the back of the chair on your legs, sweep your skirt and sit down keeping a straight back. Does that feel comfortable?" to which Sam quickly responds "Not at all what so ever."

Sam soon introduced her colourful language to Anna. "A lady refrains from swearing. So what we're going to start today is a swear jar." Anna told Sam.

Check out how Sam went at etiquette training in the full video and stay tuned to find out how much money we will end up with in that swear jar!

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