Posted: 25 October, 2016

Sculpture By The Sea Founder David Handley Comments On Damage

"We should be back up and running by this afternoon"

Yesterday, Tamarama beach, where Sculpture By The Sea is presented was battered by a mix of strong winds, high tides and massive surf, which saw multiple sculptures damaged and one washed out to sea.

Founder David Handley spoke to Rove and Sam regarding the unforseen damage to the installations.

"The current count is that one has sculpture been ruined and one has washed out to sea, which we are hoping to retreive by crane at low tide." David explained "And there are another four works that have been damaged."

With the sculptures being presented on the beach at the mercy of unpredictable weather conditions, Sculpture By The Sea has prepared for these occurrences.

"We prepare for the sea to come about half way up the beach, but not for four hours worth of washing right up to the back of the beach." David continued, "We were anxious for the ones right down at the water's edge, but their foundations held."

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"This is a real one off. The lifeguards said in 15 years they haven't seen it like this. It was a trifecta of conditions yesterday with huge surf, winds and a high tide."

"We'll be 98% back to normal by this afternoon!" David reassured Rove and Sam.


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