Posted: 16 September, 2016

"I Was Dying Inside...It Hurt My Heart So Much" - Osher On Bachelor Finale


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I think Abby spoke for all of us this morning when she said of last night's heart-wrenching Bachelor Australia Finale, "We fell in love with Nikki...Richie unfortunately didn’t..."

"Well that’s okay, he fell in love with Alex," Osher replied. 

 "There was a moment last night- he’s already said goodbye to Nikki and she’s done her smile crying..."

 "I was dying inside, it hurt my heart so much!"

 "I know them both, and it’s very, very hard."

 "It's very hard to watch some body you know get their heart broken..." 

Osher said in the ad break before Richie was inevitably going to choose Alex he started to get emotional. 

 “I was getting all emotional, thinking 'he’s about to pick a woman with a child'."

This would be the second time on the Bachelor Aus! 

 “I was texting Gigi, you know, ‘did you get home from school alright?’”

“And then I said,  'I just want to let you know… I’m so lucky that you and Mum came into my life'."

“Its so wonderful having the two of you…”

 "Thank you so much for being patient with me...Ive only been a parent for two years and I’m very slow and you’e very kind for letting me getting it right.” 

Aw! How did you feel after Richie's choice last night?


Tags: #BachelorAu

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