Posted: 12 October, 2016 by Sohan Judge

HOLY WOW: Here’s Where To Get These Incredible Harley Quinn Themed Burgers

These look AMAZING, and we have no doubt they will taste equally as good.

Sydney’s favourite burger joint, Burgers By Josh, has done a tribute to Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad for their weekly special.

This epic creation contains beetroot corn chips, tomatillo and jalapeño salsa, liquid cheese, chipotle mayo, meat patty, topped with luxe blue and pink buns.

Sydney’s very own Harley Quinn cosplayer, Laura Gilbert, was down there to celebrate – and boy can we confirm that these burgers are spot-on Harley Quinn.

You can head down to Burgers By Josh at the Annandale Hotel this week to give it a try. It will definitely spice up your Instagram feed.

Images: supplied

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