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People Reckon This Sydney Bus Route Is The Worst One In Australia

Does this bus go through your suburb?

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This bus route is notoriously late every single time, and it’s been dubbed the “worst bus ever”.

Route 370 has received 501 complaints to the State Transit within the past year, making it one of the most complained about in the country.

It runs from Leichhardt to Coogee via Glebe and Newtown, transferring thousands of commuters from point A to B every day. Delays on this route have been happening since 2009, when passengers began complaining on social media.

There’s even a Facebook group titled ‘The Universe Would Cease To Exist If The 370 Bus Arrived On Time’ where people are venting their frustration. One group member said, “I waited 45 minutes for a bus that should be running every 10-12 minutes.”

Another said, "just spent close to an hour waiting for the f***ing 370 to take me from Alexandria to Glebe. And it never showed up.”

However, there is a reason to the constant delays. A State Transit spokeswoman said “the route travels through some of the most congested parts of the city, including major thoroughfares in the inner west and eastern suburbs such as King St, Botany Rd and Anzac Parade.

“We are doing everything in our power to make improvements for customers on our buses, particularly when it comes to on-time running.”

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