Posted: 11 November, 2016 by Sohan Judge

Residents In Sydney’s West Forced To Sell Their Homes

It’s all to make way for the light rail. Are you affected?

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Home owners in Sydney’s west may be forced to sell their houses to make way for the Parramatta light rail line.

Some residents in Parramatta were told their properties would need to be acquired so the light rail can go through the suburb. 

According to Suzette Meade, the president of the North Parramatta Residents Action Group said they were told their properties would be acquired even though the exact route of the light rail was yet to be determined. She said, “people were shocked to hear for the first time in such a flippant nature” their homes could be seized. They were given no further details.

“The meeting got heated at this point, as no details were been given. The residents were angry that no clear information was presented to them plus now they run the risk of losing their family homes for a service that hasn’t been asked for by the people of Parramatta.”

A spokeswoman for Transport NSW said the light rail has been designed to occupy road corridors that already exist, and acquisition of property will only occur where this is not possible. The preferred light rail route will reportedly be finalised next year.

The project is scheduled to commence in 2018.


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