Posted: 21 September, 2016 by Sohan Judge

Sydney Bloke Makes Dating Website For Himself For Single Gals Who Are Into That Kinda Thing

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Sydney, meet Drew Kilpatrick. He is Sydney’s self-proclaimed Bachelor and is on the hunt for the ideal girlfriend.

Screw Tinder, old mate has actually created his very own website to search for The One. The 5-page introduction website showcases photos while Drew describes what kind of person he is.

“I have a great life, and I’m looking for a long-term partner to share it with.

I’m a senior digital designer and part-time DJ, which has given me the resources to live the life I’ve always wanted. However, until recently, this has meant I’ve never had the time to find myself a partner.

“Most people in my position would just sign up for a dating website. However, with my background in advertising, I thought “why not use the internet, and do it myself?”

Great thinking there, Drew. You certainly got our attention.

He continues to describe his ideal woman on the site, “my ideal partner is someone who’s never had a serious partner before, like myself... Yes, I know that’s going to rule out 99% of people.” You sure got that right, bud.

“I’m really looking for someone who’ll be a great conversation partner… it’s very important to me to connect with someone on an intellectual level.”

If you reckon you could be Drew’s perfect woman, he’s put his contact details on his website here.


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Tags: Sydney, dating, website, Bachelor

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