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Sydney Hair Salon Slammed By Customer After “Humiliating” Visit

This is horrible!

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A Sydney hair salon has been forced to apologise after a customer named and shamed them after a “humiliating” visit.

Kerrie Davies from Penrith posted to Facebook, detailing her mortifying experience at Blondes & Brunettes Hair Salon in Mount Druitt.

Kerrie Davies - I'm naming and shaming. Went to have my... | Facebook

After realising she left her wallet in another bag, and no way of accessing money, Kerrie was told she was not allowed to leave the store until she paid for her service.

“I explain that I have our car so I can’t get [my husband] to bring it to me. Can I leave my bag, phone and race home and get it? No.

Since I have my phone can I transfer it to you? No.

I say I’m trying to figure out how I can organise [payment], work with me a little.”

After Kerrie explained the situation to the security guard on duty, “he looks at the manager as if she has three heads, reaches into his wallet and pulls out $15, gives it to her and says to me, “just drop it in to concierge when you can. Sorry, I can see how embarrassed you are.”

Kerrie’s post has received over 21,000 shares and over 50,000 likes, which obviously caught the attention of the hair salon’s owner.

Kerrie Davies - Well.. What can I say? When I took to... | Facebook

“A short time ago I received a call from the owner of Blondes & Brunettes and he apologised to me on behalf of the staff and said he will be introducing customer service training,” Kerrie said.

What would you do if you were in Kerrie’s situation? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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