Posted: 22 September, 2016 by Sohan Judge

Sydney, We Just Got A Brand Spankin’ New Beach In Time For Summer!

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We love a secluded beach – Collins Beach and Milk Beach being near the top of the list – but here’s another one to put on your radar, and it’s brand new.

How exactly can a beach be “new”, you ask? Well, this little beauty is usually made up of rocks and water. However, every now and then, there’s enough sand that washes up to make it qualify as an actual beach. And it’s happened just this week.

Here’s what it looks like usually…

And here’s what it looks like right now.

This treasure is known as MacKenzies Beach and it’s located about 100 metres north of Tamarama

If you do get down there, be careful. Swimming isn’t highly recommended as under the water it’s pretty rough with lots of jagged rocks, and the surf is rippy. However, it’s worth a safe explore! 

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Tags: Sydney, beach, summer, MacKenzie

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